Language Arts Volume 3 -- Creative Writing

(Ages 12 and up) Creative Language Arts Volume 3 is a very different approach to Language Arts than the two previous volumes. Approximately 40 new principles of CREATIVE WRITING are presented in this volume, an... more

Language Arts Volume 2 -- Academic Service Cont'd

(Ages 10 and up) Creative Language Arts Volume 2 is a continuation of "Language Arts, Volume 1 --Losing Yourself in Academic Service."  This volume is on the same level of learning.  Over 40 new principles ar... more

How and Why God Created the Earth -- Geology

(Ages 12 and up; 60 pages) This guidebook is not only a study of the physical make-up of the earth, but guides the student to discover the purposes for its creation and how God's hand was in it "before the foun... more

How and Why God Created Plants -- Botany

(Ages 10 and up; 73 pages) Students will go through a study of the ten kinds of plants, and have hands-on experience with each of them. The introductory material is a study of the basic element of most plants -... more

How and Why God Created Things -- Chemistry

WHY AND HOW GOD CREATED THINGS--$12.95 (Ages 12 and up; 74 pages) A preface to the study of Chemistry introduces the students to the two basic elements of creation that God uses. This is presented in a report b... more

Basic Algebra

(Ages 12 and up, 48 pages) The intrinsic value for math is “learning to think and self-govern using correct principles.”SeniorMath... more


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