Language Arts Volume 2 -- Academic Service Cont'd

(Ages 10 and up) Creative Language Arts Volume 2 is a continuation of "Language Arts, Volume 1 --Losing Yourself in Academic Service."  This volume is on the same level of learning.  Over 40 new principles ar... more

Language Arts Volume 3 -- Creative Writing

(Ages 12 and up) Creative Language Arts Volume 3 is a very different approach to Language Arts than the two previous volumes. Approximately 40 new principles of CREATIVE WRITING are presented in this volume, an... more

Reading and Writing Fun & EZ

This manual is designed to be a simple guide for parents to teach their children of any age to read, as well as teach the basics of cursive writing. Section 1 uses the phonetic approach to learning to read: (1)... more

Cursive Writing Teacher

This manual is a guide for helping students of all ages learn or improve their cursive writing. An accompanying workbook for each student is also available. As most of us are aware, legible penmanship has almo... more

Cursive Writing Student

This workbook is a guide for helping to learn -- or improve -- cursive writing. Because of so much texting and computer work, many think that cursive writing is not important anymore. This is why so many public... more