How and Why God Created the Universe -- Astronomy


(Ages 12 and up; 67 pages) An excellent introductory section to this
guidebook is an article by J. Reuben Clark, Jr., called "Who Was This
Jesus?" In his remarks made to

Brigham Young University students in 1951, President
Clark shows how Jesus is the great "Creator and Destroyer of
Universes." His marvelous power is demonstrated in this
testimony-building report.
The book is divided into ten divisions of study.
All the basic research on the Universe will become a part of the
student's original textbook as they search the scriptures and define the
vocabulary words. At the conclusion of their study of the four main
divisions of Geology, students are asked to answer the question: WHY
did God create the universe?
Students DEFINE, EXPLAIN, and
ILLUSTRATE the major vocabulary words in each of the ten divisions of
Astronomy. They then use religious writings or their scriptures of
choice to study the spiritual existence of the universe.
The ten divisions and the major vocabulary words in this guidebook are:

The Universe





The Solar System