How and Why God Created Things -- Chemistry


(Ages 12 and up; 74 pages) A preface to the study
of Chemistry introduces the students to the two basic elements of
creation that God uses. This is presented in a report by W. Cleon
Skousen called "Building Blocks of the Universe." With this background,
students study the properties and physics of all matter. At the
conclusion of their study of the ten main categories, students are asked
to answer the question: WHY did God create things?
DEFINE, EXPLAIN, and ILLUSTRATE the major vocabulary words in each of
the ten divisions of Chemistry. They then use religious writings or
their scriptures of choice to study the spiritual use and symbolism of
the basic elements in God's kingdom.
The ten divisions and the major vocabulary words in this guidebook are:

Properties of Matter

The Physics of Matter

Classes of Matter

The State of Solids

The State of Liquids

The State of Gases

Combinations of Matter

Chemistry in the Atmosphere

The Study of Light

The Study of Energy