Language Arts Volume 3 -- Creative Writing


(Ages 12 and up) Creative Language Arts Volume 3 is a very different
approach to Language Arts than the two previous volumes. Approximately
40 new principles of CREATIVE WRITING are presented in this volume, and
the student continues to use his/her academic skills in service

There are 5 sections in this volume:

  • Reading and Writing Poetry
  • Creating Short Stories
  • Creating Outlines and Taking Notes
  • Creating Research Reports
  • Principles of Journalism

As in Volumes 1 and 2, the student has 3 Learning Exercises to complete
each week, however the order is somewhat different. The basic pattern is
continued with the use of scriptures, service projects, and practicing
the principles.

EXAMPLE: Principle #1 in Volume 3 defines
poetry, and Principle #2 states: "Metered poems have four basic FOOT
PATTERNS." Examples of four basic foot patterns are presented. The first
Learning exercise instructs the student to choose words from the
scriptures which have each of the four foot patterns . On the second
day, for Learning Exercise #2, the student practices their recognition
of foot patterns in "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and other poems. On day
three, the student has fun making up simple sentences and repeating them
to a friend emphasizing the foot patterns on unnatural parts of the
word, to see if the friend can understand what he/she is saying. (For
example, saying "Chewable vitamins are delicious": Chew-ABLE vi-TAMM-ins ‘r’ DELL-ishus.")

A "Review to Check Your Knowledge" is presented at the end of each section.