America in History and Prophecy


The message Americans are getting from the media and the talk of the town is so often "the nation is going to collapse! Prepare for the worst!" This book dispels the doomsday rumors and points out American history as God directed it, and America's future according to modern prophets in our day. It also proves the goodness of our Founding Fathers as they relied on the heavens to create the greatest government in modern times. Of all the books done by the Kimbers, this is the most popular and in greatest demand. On sale until October, 2018. What a great gift for June--Flag Day, July--Independence Day, August--something to read during family reunions, and September 17 -- Constitution Day. As Ezra Taft Benson said: "This Nation Shall Endure!" This volume proves it.

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This book covers America's past and future -- how Joan of Arc played a surprising role in America's destiny, how Columbus's contribution changed the world, and how prophetic statements about the exciting future of God's "Promised Land" fulfilled what Benjamin Franklin called America's "Manifest Destiny." LDS oriented. Thoroughly documented. 66 pages