How and Why God Created Animals -- Zoology


(Ages 10 and up; 63 pages) Students will go through a study of the five divisions of zoology, as outlined in Genesis of the

Holy Bible.
All animals on the planet are organized into these five divisions, and
students have the chance to study each one and make their own textbook
as they do their assignments and research. After studying the animal
kingdom, students are asked to answer the question: WHY did God create
Students DEFINE, EXPLAIN, and ILLUSTRATE the major
vocabulary words in each of the five divisions. They then use religious
writings or their scriptures of choice to study the spiritual use and symbolism of God's animal kingdom.
The five divisions and the major vocabulary words in this guidebook are:

The Study of Fish

The Study of Birds

The Study of Beasts

The Study of Cattle

The Study of Creeping Things