I Love History 1800's -- Faith in Every Footstep -- 10 Teacher Manuals


The I Love History 1800's Set - Faith in Every Footstep, students will learn about the exciting 1800's.It is the age of growth and freedom in America. The Constitution made America the first free nation in modern times and the perfect setting for tremendous growth which resulted in an awakening throughout the entire world.

These lessons are organized into decades. Each decade is taught for approximately two or more weeks. The historical material is divided into parts - World History - American History - and Religious History. Students will enjoy seeing how all these events tie in with the spread of freedom as well as the development of inventions throughout the world and America’s progress as a nation—new states, westward expansion, prosperity. Suggested activities, projects, and lessons are provided to help the students comprehend the fascinating events of this period.

You can also buy the Student workbook as a companion.