I Love America History 1700's --9 Teacher Manuals


I Love America Monthly Lesson Plans 1700's

There are nine full monthly volumes in this series. Each month includes daily lesson plans
on each subject, for each day of the school year (Based on 3 days a week)
keeping the themes of the original "I Love America" volumes. By month
the daily lesson plans cover the following:

  1. September -- The Flag, The Story of our National Anthem, The Pledge, Flag Rules
  2. October     -- The Statue of Liberty, Christopher Columbus
  3. November  -- The Pilgrims, Native Americans, Mayflower Compact, Thanksgiving
  4. December  -- Freedom of Religion, the First Amendment
  5. January      -- The Revolutionary War (Daniel Dawson Story)
  6. February    -- Presidents Day, The Revolutionary War Story Continued
  7. March        -- Deceleration of Independence, The Revolutionary War Story Continued
  8. April          -- The Revolutionary War Story Continued, Constitutional Studies
  9. May          -- Setting up a Class Town (or Family Village) Practicing the Free Enterprise System in America