Daniel Dawsen - Son of Liberty (1700s)


INTRODUCTION:      This is the story of Daniel Dawsen, a young boy who grew up during the 1700s in America. Daniel Dawsen is not an actual person who lived at that time. He and his family were invented by the author. Through this story, it is hoped readers will experience the feelings of living in the bewildering, exciting and dangerous 1700s. The adventures that happened to the Dawsen family really did happen to colonist families in America over 250 years ago.

Our story begins in 1760, when young George the Third of England has just been crowned King at age 22. This young, handsome king was well liked, and the English citizens who lived in the colonies respected him as their leader as well.

King George III was actually the first king in many, many years to be a true English king. His father and grandfather were from Germany and had little interest in the affairs of England. Neither of them could even speak English! So when George the Third was born and raised in England, people felt they would have a true and loyal ruler who understood the ways of the English people. But, as you will soon discover, something went very wrong.

As our story begins, young George the Third has been King of England for only a few short months.