Heavenly Father's Favorite Numbers -- Volume 1


How and Why Heavenly Father Uses Numbers, Volume 1 is for students ages 5 - 8 and covers principles of addition and subtraction. This math book is very different from any other math book you have seen.  The principles help students understand that everything in the world and in the universe is patterned by God and His use of numbers. Students discover that Heavenly Father has favorite numbers. They learn that the symbols we use in math organize the patterns and bring numbers to "life". Timed practice sheets help the students improve their quick thinking skills.

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Some of the basic principles taught in this volume are:

  • Heavenly Father Counts Everything He Creates
  • Heavenly Father Counts Every Person on Earth
  • Heavenly Father has Favorite Numbers
  • Heavenly Father Has Organized Numbers Into Beautiful Patterns
  • Symbols Give LIFE to Numbers -- numbers can be carried and borrowed!
  • Story Problems Help You Apply Your Understanding of Math