Junior Science 3: The Good Seed -- Teacher Manual

New for ages 6 -8. Parents can use this book as a guide for teaching the basic concepts and principles of botany -- all kinds of plants from a child's point of view. The children create their own scrap book sho... more

Heavenly Father's Favorite Numbers -- Volume 1

How and Why Heavenly Father Uses Numbers, Volume 1 is for students ages 5 - 8 and covers principles of addition and subtraction. This math book is very different from any other math book you have seen.  The p... more

Heavenly Father's Favorite Numbers -- Volume 2

This book of numeration volume 2 for young people presents basic principles of multiplication facts and division principles.  As with Volume 1, this book will help students understand that everything in the w... more

I Love America, Volume 1

This book discusses nine major American holidays and incorporates games, songs, plays, coloring and poems for the younger ages. Subjects covered in Volume 1 are: The Flag Columbus The Pilgrims Freedom of Religi... more

I Love America, Volume 2

This book contains stories and information for older Elementary aged students about our American Heritage. Subjects include: 1. Our National Anthem 2. The Mayflower Compact 3. The Statue of Liberty 4. Our First... more

I Love the States of the USA -- Student Workbook

This is a one-year study of the fifty states of America. There are four work pages about each state: Fill in the blank facts page Coloring Page Map and pictures of the state bird, flower, tree, etcetera A page... more

I Love America Songs CD

This CD has songs contained in both volumes of "I Love America" for your children to sing and enjoy. They will love "I Pledge Allegiance," "Princess Pocahontas," "Yippee, I'm Free!", and many other songs about... more

I Love American History in Music

This Resource book comes with 3 music CDs.  The manual contains lesson plans that illustrate the development of music in America, beginning with the Ancient Native Americans and progressing to the Civil War p... more

Reading and Writing Fun & EZ

This manual is designed to be a simple guide for parents to teach their children of any age to read, as well as teach the basics of cursive writing. Section 1 uses the phonetic approach to learning to read: (1)... more

The Book of Mormon and Me -- Teacher Manual

(Ages 4 - 12)  This Parent Manual organizes the Book of Mormon with ten major "hook dates."  By spending one week on each hook date, families can study and go through the Book of Mormon up to 4 times during... more