Junior New Testament Studies

“Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam – A study of the New Testament for Children.” In this manual you will find a unique and exciting way to teach Jesus’ teachings and His life to children.The lessons are base... more

Junior New Testament Studies Student Workbook

This workbook is the companion to the "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam “Let your Light so Shine!” Teacher Manual. In addition to learning about Jesus, it is hoped that the children will want to be more like Hi... more

I Love America History 1700's --9 Teacher Manuals

I Love America Monthly Lesson Plans 1700's There are nine full monthly volumes in this series. Each month includes daily lesson plans on each subject, for each day of the school year (Based on 3 days a week) ke... more

I Love America History 1700's -- Student Workbooks

There are nine monthly volumes in this series. They go with the I Love America 1700's Teacher Manuals. Each month includes Student work pages on each subject, for each day of the school year(Based on 3 days a w... more

I Love America Songs CD

This CD has songs contained in both volumes of "I Love America" for your children to sing and enjoy. They will love "I Pledge Allegiance," "Princess Pocahontas," "Yippee, I'm Free!", and many other songs about... more

Reading and Writing Fun & EZ

This manual is designed to be a simple guide for parents to teach their children of any age to read, as well as teach the basics of cursive writing. Section 1 uses the phonetic approach to learning to read: (1)... more

The Book of Mormon and Me -- Teacher Manual

(Ages 4 - 12)  This Parent Manual organizes the Book of Mormon with ten major "hook dates."  By spending one week on each hook date, families can study and go through the Book of Mormon up to 4 times during... more

Junior Book of Mormon Songs CD

Eleven delightful songs describe the events of the ten hook dates of the Book of Mormon.  Words and music by Julianne Kimber, arranged and sung by Jeremy Threlfall. Tower of Babel ​Moriancumer Lehi's Dream D... more

Cursive Writing Teacher

This manual is a guide for helping students of all ages learn or improve their cursive writing. An accompanying workbook for each student is also available. As most of us are aware, legible penmanship has almo... more